ClickBank University Review

ClickBank University Review: Why It’s Version 2.0 Proves It’s Not a Scam

Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing is not a one-night success. If you want to have passive income for the long haul, learning the ins and outs of it through platforms that offer training on affiliate marketing is crucial. If you are thinking ClickBank is the answer, then this in-depth ClickBank University review can help you.

Affiliate marketing accumulates almost 15% of digital media’s revenue based on a study published on Business Insider. Its continuous rise only proves how lucrative it is for both advertisers and sellers. And that its impact will steadily influence the online marketing scene.

Such demand gave birth to various platforms such as ClickBank University that claim to provide the best marketing program to earn money online.

You might be asking, is ClickBank legit? If not, are there ClickBank alternatives for beginners? I will give you a glimpse inside ClickBank University so we can find out.

Quick Summary

Name: ClickBank University


Year Founded: 2013

Owner: Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan

Price: $47 monthly

Other costs: $594 (ClickBank Builder)

Recommended: Yes for vendors; No for affiliate marketers

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University is a platform designed to guide aspiring vendors, as well as affiliate marketers in their journey to a successful online business. It was established by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan way back in 2013. Three years after it was launched, they introduced version 2.0.

Essentially, the platform aims to serve internet marketers, bloggers, and digital product creators. However, its focus is mostly about the latter, which is to teach people how to create digital products and sell them.

ClickBank is also among the largest marketplaces for digital product selling. Ideally, it is for entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their own digital goods.

Here is a quick breakdown of what the new version has to offer:

  • Creating and selling digital products (for Vendors)
  • Promoting physical and digital products (for Affiliate Marketers)
  • Leveraging your traffic and lead generation
  • Community support
  • ClickBank Builder
  • CBU toolkit

Who is it for?

As mentioned, the program caters to both affiliate marketers and vendors. There’s no denying about that, as the course includes an 8-week affiliate marketing training. However, if you examine it closely, the whole program is packed with tools designed to help individuals who want to create and sell their own digital merchandise.

As such, if your goal is to make digital products to sell them, the platform can provide you the most effective tips and hacks.

ClickBank University review: A tour of what’s inside version 2.0

Now that you know that it’s not a scam, let’s look at what they offer.

Comprehensive training

CBU 2.0 has three separate courses: vendor, affiliate marketing, and traffic generation training. Each lesson provides comprehensive information including tips and hacks on the process. All sessions will guide you about essential elements of product creation, marketing practices, and traffic acquisition strategies.

Publisher track

The publisher track is a 12-week course that emphasizes vital elements on how to produce marketable and money-making digital goods. From product creation to video sales letter production, this training has what it takes to help you get started.

If you are not into product creation or an expert in your field, this portion might be a bit unnecessary and complicated for you.

Being a vendor entails an array of skills compared to affiliate marketing. You need to learn how to write efficient copies and sales letters, create landing pages, and learn how to navigate sales funnel to scale your sales up.

Here’s an overview of the lessons included in the course:

  • Week 1 – Overview of the whole course
  • Week 2 – Creating the perfect product for you
  • Week 3 – Understanding your target audience and creating your avatar
  • Week 4 – Everything you need to know about digital product creation
  • Week 5 – Introduction to upselling
  • Week 6 – How to write a compelling sales copy and how to maximize conversion using it
  • Week 7 – How to create engaging and valuable video sales letters
  • Week 8 – Finalizing the product
  • Week 9 – Understanding the ClickBank marketplace
  • Week 10 – How to attract affiliates
  • Week 11 – Testing phase
  • Week 12 – How to sell products on webinars

Affiliate marketing training

ClickBank University’s affiliate track is an 8-week course that covers the vital aspects of product promotion through writing a blog post and other digital content. Primarily, it is for folks whose aim is to earn commission by promoting other online entrepreneurs’ merchandise or services (physical and digital).

The entire course is downloadable, including the outline of each video. The videos are not that long as well. Each of it typically takes around 5-15 minutes only.

Here’s an overview of the lessons included in the course:

  • Week 1 – Affiliate marketing on ClickBank
  • Week 2 – How affiliate marketing works
  • Week 3 – Figuring out your passion
  • Week 4 – Understanding affiliate funnel and squeeze pages
  • Week 5 – Building a relationship with your audience through free content
  • Week 6 – How to write a compelling email copy
  • Week 7 – How to leverage email list
  • Week 8 – How to scale up

Web traffic acquisition training

The last yet the most crucial part of the training: how to gain high web traffic. In this section, you will learn the best traffic acquisition practices as well as lead generation techniques.

One of the many things marketers often forget is that no matter how compelling a website or well-written a copy is, it is useless if you do not know how to reach and engage your audience. As such, CBU offers a traffic acquisition training to leverage your earnings further.

The program is broken down into two categories:

  • Facebook advertisements
  • Instagram shoutouts and the power of influencers

Each of them is then broken into three parts. You will learn how to make targeted campaigns using two of the most used social media, which in return will earn you quality traffic and not just web traffic! But remember that driving traffic that will convert is not simple. You will have to be specific with your content and the online platform you will use.

Curated add-on training

They’ve included specific, targeted strategies on video marketing, copy writing and marketing on Facebook. You’ll learn from experts like Gary Vaynerchuck, Abel James and Matt O’Connor.

Community support

Having reliable support from people who are going through the same things you go through is essential for your learning process. For that reason, CBU renders a section wherein members can get support and ask questions from other members.

1. Live Q&A webinar (weekly). Apart from the training, weekly Q&A with Justin and Adam is probably the best part of joining ClickBank. Members can ask random questions—whether it is about a web bug you encounter or new trends in affiliate marketing—and the two will answer them.

On top of that, all weekly webinars are recorded too. So you can watch it anytime.

2. ClickBank University Facebook support groups. Another way to get support is through CBU’s forum and private Facebook page. The forum is decent and most members are active. Apart from that, Justin and Adam occasionally participate in the forum as well.

It will help you solve small and urgent details. The Facebook group, however, is not as active as the forum. Questions will be answered but not right away.


Here are the upsell products:

1. ClickBank Builder. This tool is an all-in-one software that can help you get started. This is a huge help for beginners however, it will cost you $594.

ClickBank Builder is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you build and design your website. It can help you create landing pages with its professional-looking templates.

Aside from that, you have to use ClickBank on your site, which might get a bit complicated when you decide to have web hosting elsewhere.

Take note also that all lessons in ClickBank University are focused on tools included in the ClickBank Builder. So if you don’t purchase this, you’ll have quite a challenge implementing what you’ve learned to other platforms.

2. ClickBank Toolkit. The toolkit consists of essential plugins and online devices to help you leverage your effort further. It has a lot of resources and tools, including a domain name, social media tools, and email service provider.

Pros and cons

If you are still undecided, below is a list of ClickBank University’s pros and cons.


  • 30-day money back guarantee policy and a well-respected platform if you want to learn affiliate marketing
  • Unlimited access to training videos and future updates
  • They give back to the community so a percentage of your purchase goes to Pencils of Promise


  • Focus is on vendors and digital product creation
  • ClickBank does not offer a free trial
  • Traffic acquisition training only provides basic social media marketing
  • Does not provide training for search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing
  • Upsell products are too expensive
  • Platform is more geared towards vendors

Is it worth the investment?

ClickBank University is excellent if you are a vendor and planning to create your digital product to sell. While it caters to both vendors and affiliate marketers, the focus is primarily towards sellers.

On top of that, the training covers a lot about the tools included in the ClickBank Builder 2.0. So you have to spend an additional $594.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, let me know and I can show you how. You can create a successful online business as quickly as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading this ClickBank University review. If you have any questions or any feedback, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help.

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6 thoughts on “ClickBank University Review: Why It’s Version 2.0 Proves It’s Not a Scam”

  1. These tools that you have presented here are very good but they seem to me to be a bit too expensive because I am not going to be creating any digital products. I just need to be able to monetize my own website. I wouldn’t mind at all if it weren’t for the high upsells because I might want to create a digital product in the long run. Thank you for your honest review.

    1. Hi Henderson. I hear you, they need to review their price because it is quite expensive. Feel free to sign up for the free membership instead.

  2. ClickBank does really cover a range of useful guides on getting your digital product up and running. I have been using it as an affiliate for digital products and I can say that it is 100% legit. I can see that the University offers some really in depth training. Glad to know that the entire affiliate marketing course is downloadable. I would be a bit discouraged by the upsells though. Sounds too expensive. Thank you for this in depth review.

    1. It really is a good resource, so go ahead and try Clickbank University for free. Like you, there are people who get discouraged by the upsells. At the end of the day, it really is your option whether you purchase it or not…  

  3. It seems that ClickBank University has some nice features, especially for those who want to create digital products. I do have a couple of questions, though. Because I’m a little unfamiliar, what kinds of products do they help you to create? My second question is what separates or makes this a better option than Wealthy Affiliate? It seems pretty expensive when you consider the up-sells…I just want to know if it is worth it when compared. Thanks for this great and honest review!

    1. Hi Steve. Clickbank University provides training for affiliate marketers and vendors. If you’re a vendor and you’re looking to create digital products like software, apps or ebooks and you would like to tap into affiliates to help sell your products, go for it. As an affiliate marketer, my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. I honestly think it’s a better platform since you get so much more than just training and website creation. Also, there are several ways to earn within the platform as long as you continue to help others.

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